What is Magiclor? Magiclor is the first home appliance that produces oxygenated bleach directly at home.

Why is Magiclor the sustainable option? Because the need for using and discarding plastic bottles is reduced to zero, as well as emissions from their transport and distribution. Magiclor produces a powerful cleaning agent directly where you need it: at home.

Is Magiclor reusable? Yes, Magiclor can be used many times. Its life is expected at years of normal use.

Do I have to buy cartridges or refills? No, you just need table salt and water.

What kind of table salt? Any fine salt, coarse salt, sea salt. With low-sodium salts, double the amount added. Magiclor may take longer to complete the cycle.

How much salt? Magiclor senses and automatically adapts to the amount of salt added. One teaspoon per 125 ml (4.2 US oz) container is sufficient.

What kind of water? Tap water, well water, clear river water. Sea water may be used directly without adding salt.

How much power does Magiclor draw? About 5 W, similar to charging a cellphone.

Is Magiclor compatible with power outlets in my country? Yes, Magiclor uses an integrated USB cable, so that you can use it in every country without worrying about adapters. You can use any standard USB cellphone charger, battery pack or solar charger.

What does Magiclor produce? Magiclor produces a very effective mixture of activated oxygen and sodium hypochlorite. The combination is excellent for disinfecting, cleaning, bleaching, removing stains and odors. See how it works.

How does it work? Inside the thin, slotted zone, Magiclor contains special metals (silvery and black) coated with a catalyst. Through these special metals, Magiclor energizes brine and transforms it into a unique cleaning agent. Magiclor activates brine without wearing out.

Can I store the produced liquid? Use within two days for maximum effectiveness of activated oxygen. Afterwards, the main active agent is sodium hypochlorite, and it lasts the same as other traditional cleaning products. Store in a dark, cold place. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

How do I get my Magiclor? You can buy it right now. We ship to almost every country in the world through FedEx.