High-resistance body

Specially designed high chemical and mechanical resistance polyamide-6,6 body.

High-activity catalytic electrodes

Carefully selected and tested catalytic electrodes for efficiently and selectively activating a powerful cleaning agent.

Integrated USB cable

No adapters or removable USB cables are needed. Magiclor works on any standard USB charger, anywhere in the world.

Measuring cup and lid

Included for free in your Magiclor box. Specially designed measuring cup for safely holding and keeping your Magiclor in place.

Low-voltage operation

Low-voltage similar to 3 AAA batteries. Virtually no shock risk.

No consumables or refills needed

You just need table salt and water. Once you get your Magiclor, no other special products are required.

No additives, fragrances, fillers or preservatives

Traditional bottled cleaning products contain additives, fragrances, fillers or preservatives in order to extend the shelf-life of the active ingredients. Magiclor activates these ingredients precisely when they are needed, so nothing else is required. It will not contaminate vegetables, fruits or surfaces.